As we know, currently Godot is growing very rapidly. Godot has released a beta 4.0 version, many new features are added specifically to the render render, but how will Godot develop in the future?

Sarang Koding until now uses the godot engine as the main tool in our game development. By using Godot, our game development can be done faster. There are many advantages to the Godot engine that we feel in our game development so that we can make games faster.

Great GDScript Performance
Unlike other game engines, which when we finish creating a script, it will carry out the compilation process which is quite time-consuming, with Godot, the saved script does not take compilation time, we can even see the error in the script that we have created. Of course this will greatly affect the stage of game development that we make.

Created by Community
This is our main value in choosing Godot as our main engine. We see Godot will develop like a blender which was initially underestimated but until now continues to grow and can compete. The priority of community participation in engine development will certainly better understand what the community itself wants because development is carried out together.

No Subscription Fees, Fees or Software Purchases
Because it is made by the community, there are no fees. Of course this will affect the price of the game that we will sell.

We will choose the best to maintain our quality. That’s why we chose Godot Engine as our main Game Engine.

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