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Sarang Koding is a game developer from Indonesia. Previously Sarang Koding was named “Landro Games”. Now it has changed its name to Sarang Koding. First released the game “Doomway – Astral Projection Adventure” on June 8, 2019. Sarang Koding was founded by Kelvin Cipta and has been PT Sarang Koding Indonesia since June 29, 2022.

We focus on creating games with innovation so that games don’t have the same way of playing as most other games. The games we have made have exceeded 50 thousand downloads of all the games we have released.

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Why We Use Godot Engine

As we know, currently Godot is growing very rapidly. Godot has released a beta 4.0 version, many new features are added specifically to the render render, but how will Godot develop in the future? Sarang Read more…